Murphy NC Exit Realty Leap Year

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Why do we have Leap Year?  It takes 365 1/4 days to circle the sun   (A solar year), which means our calendar is out by around a quarter of a day a year.

In 45 B.C Julius Caesar began the practice of adding an extra day every 4 years, making up for those quarter days. That would be perfect if a solar year were exactly 365 1/4 days, but it is 365.242 days making it a little short, and over time it adds up.

By 1582 A.D. that slight discrepancy added up to 10 days. So Pope Gregory XIII created the “Leap Year” adding February 29.

Now a leap year occurs in every year that is divisible by four, but only in century years that are evenly divided by 400.

In Murphy NC at Exit Realty Mountain View Properties we are celebrating Leap Year with a brand new grandchild. This will make 18 grandchildren for Corky and I.

FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS, CALL Kathy Vetten/Broker/CRS at 828-837-2288 located at 1900 US Hwy 64 West, Murphy NC 28906 or contact me at  or email me at


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