New Year’s Resolution – Murphy, NC

It’s a new year and another start of a new decade! Make year 2020 the year you follow through with your “New Year’s Resolution”! Having trouble finding some ideas to help better your life style for this decade? Here is a couple we at EXIT Realty Mountain View Properties have found to help you!2020

  1. Find a better budget – this means keep track of all your expense and watch what you spend your money on. A helpful tip is to ask yourself “Do I need this or do I just want it?”
  2. Find new recipes – Stop cooking the same old thing that you get tired of and find a recipe that is healthy and delicious!
  3. Join a Group – go out and join an activity to help your community or even join a club that you think you would enjoy! Try something new!
  4. Sanitize your phone WEEKLY – you probably think we are crazy suggesting this, but the reason you might be sick is because of all the germs you have collected on your cellphone. Gross!
  5. Exercise More – try new exercises each week, take the stairs, go walk/run instead of watching TV, be active!
  6. Keep Clean – it’s hard sometimes to keep your home clean (even your bedroom, ugh), but make a chore schedule and stick to it each week and you’ll have a nice and tidy home!
  7. Donate – go through your closets and donate clothes you don’t wear anymore. Take it to your local thrift store or to someone in need. You’ll feel great!
  8. Be Positive – You may be having a bad day, but just think to yourself all the blessings you have in life!
  9. Treat Yourself Every Once in a While – go get your nails done, go get a massage, take yourself out to eat, or go shopping.
  10. Stop Procrastinating – procrastination keeps you from doing your best, and makes you over whelmed. SO STOP! When you have a task to do take time, do it in intervals of time periods, this takes the stress away.


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